• Strived to promote a sense of patriotism among the students and teachers of Aligarh in particular and the public in general.
  • Brought large monetary collections from every nook and corner of the country for the expansion and development of the MAO College.
  • Played a vital role in raising a permanent fund of Rs. 30 lakh for obtaining the Charter of Aligarh Muslim University in 1920.
  • Provided substantial financial assistance to more than 30,000 deserving students; two of its beneficiaries became Heads of States of the Indian subcontinent.
  • Collected huge sum of money for the establishment of the Engineering and Medical College in the university.
  • Constructed a Hall of Residence (Sulaiman Hall) and the University Post Office building.
  • Published “Contributions and Achievements of AMU” in 1989 and “Educational Needs of Indian Muslims and the Role of Aligarh Movement” in 1993. It has published the memorial volume of Alhaj Obaidur Rehman Khan Sherwani & Dr. Zakir Hussain.
  • It was instrumental in the creation of Ambedkar Chair in AMU.
  • Played a vital role in Establishment of AMU Agriculture Science Faculty and Architecture Engineering department.
  • Arranged donation to the AMU Welfare Fund of more than Rs. 20 lakh for girls and boys hostels.
  • Runs a coaching and guidance centre for professional courses like Engineering, Medical, MBA, MFC, MCA, etc. and civil services examination, with the financial support of the Ministry of Welfare, Government of India.
  • Arranged donation from Mr. Nadim Tarin, an old boy for construction of a hall of residence for 500 students in 1993. This is a unique gesture of an individual in the AMU history.
  • To cap it all has spread effectively the message of Sir Syed- the supremacy of reason, scientific temper through free inquiry, liberty of conscience and freedom of expression, hard work, a secular approach in all spheres of human relationship, large-hearted tolerance overriding all parochial considerations.

Prof. Abul Hasan Siddiqui is, at present, the Keeper of the Society while Dr. Nadeem Tarin, is its President.